The World’s World

print, publication

The World’s World is a book that consists a collection of hand-drawn world maps; assembled by Dutch artist Maarten Bel.

‘If maps have the power to structure the way we look at the world than the collection in The World’s World shows that people always adjust dominant world views to fit their needs. On airports, via internet and in the bus Maarten assembled maps by people from all over the world. Often the distance from one country to the next is wrong and continents are shown as islands: if you’d compare the maps the atlas of the world, you’d see a misguided worldview. But, The World’s World isn’t so much as a collection of erroneous maps as it is a collection of testimonies of individual life paths.’

The entire book was set in two colours, pink and grey. Printed on bulky paper which refers to the original drawings of the maps. The front and back cover consist of a double page, the spine of the book is open and the title is printed on the quires. The landscape format gives the whole a feeling of a classic sketchbook. You can purchase the book here ( ).

The World’s World was published as a Cabinet project by Onomatopee, Eindhoven