Willem II Fabriek

signage, visual identity, website

The Willem II Fabriek in ‘s-Hertogenbosch is a cultural hotspot located in a former cigar factory. Today the monumental building accommodates over 30 artists, designers, illustrators, architects and filmmakers. There’s a graphic workshop, a venue and four exhibition spaces. The aim is to stimulate cross-over collaborations between different art disciplines. It also functions as a meeting place and cultural hotspot.

We were asked to design a framework in which all residents would be able to present themselves as independent organisations. But also displays in the collective mindset. The concept we pitched, is built upon the foundation that the Willem II Fabriek features a versatile character which is visualised through the diversity in use. It shows that the Willem II Fabriek stimulates new encounters and creates new collaborations between organisations and parties.

A dynamic identity, adaptable to the need of appliance and expression instead of a static logotype, was an obvious solution. So we designed a custom typeface with a modular font-system, based upon the grid of the exterior of the historical building. The way the typeface is displayed symbolises the use of shared space by all the different parties housed in the Willem II Fabriek.

The colour palette refers to the interior; the green architecture reminds of old industrial times while the orange and yellow, used in the renovation, illustrates the new fulfilment.