Academie voor Beeldvorming

visual identity, website

Academie voor Beeldvorming (roughly translated as Academy for Imaging) is an organisation that initiates community art. They commission various art projects to unveil certain changes in our society. In this process they invite a variety of people, with opposing backgrounds and cultures, to collaborate. The context is set in a wide range of subjects. Socially, artistic or scientific, all is feasible. The main focus is always to create art and bring people together.

The words in the title ‘Academie voor Beeldvorming’ have a double meaning. Academie (academy) is an institute where one can learn a particular skillset but it can also be an association or union. Beeldvorming (imaging) can be about an image or picture. Or it could be about the way someone presents themselves. Put together, multiple interpretations are possible. In essence it’s about the way one assimilates an image or person. It’s about stereotyping. But most important, it’s about learning to look beyond those boundaries and preconceptions.

The elements of the logotype are inspired by the classic imagery of educational institutions. Mixed up with accessible, cartoonesque characteristics and typefaces, it becomes a visual representation of the body of thought that Academie voor Beeldvorming stands for.

An optimistic view on socially engaged subjects, inviting the spectator to participate.

Please visit the website to learn more about their projects.