Bartjes Box

packaging, print

The title of the Bartjes Box refers to the typical working class neighbourhood ‘De Bartjes’ in the city of ’s-Hertogenbosch.
The prevalent idea is that the Bartjes is a bit of a rowdy part of town. In commission of the municipality, a series of various initiatives were brought to live to end these preconceptions.
Local residents recorded an album with the help of a musician, a photographer made pictures that resulted in a publication and a documentary was shot about the daily life of one of the residents.

We joined the project at a stage where the initiatives were finished but needed to merge together in a way. The high contrast between the preconceptions and the compelling stories let us to the idea of the Bartjes Box. The outside is shiny with a lot of white and gold, inspired by the ceramics that are well known and visible on almost every window-still. The inside is rough and branded but it’s filled with stories and pictures. It’s here where you meet the true side of the neighbourhood and its residents through compelling stories.

Photo by Mike Harris