ABV Open Day

campaign, print, signage

The ‘Academie voor Beeldende Vorming’ (ABV) is a field of study at the Fontys School for Fine Arts in Tilburg. The institute is developing a new curriculum starting September 2016, therewith comes a new approach to point visitors to the open day.

Nearest Neighbour designed a colourful off- and online campaign and communicated only the essential information. The unfolding effect is used as a metaphor for the discovering and exploring that takes place during the open day and continues while studying. We felt the need to catch that but also send out a clear message.

Because the posters refer to one another, we asked the distributors to take that in consideration when they were spread in the public space. Another part of the open day campaign was a brochure, signage throughout the building, online graphics and a social media campaign.