Collaboration #2

print, self-initiated

Gerard Unger is one of the heavyweights when it comes to graphic design and typography. He has designed stamps, coins, magazines, newspapers, books, logo’s, corporate identities, annual reports and other objects. We especially adore his work because of the many typefaces he designed. Gerard also wrote a book, ‘Terwijl je leest’ it has been translated in English ‘While you are reading’. From that book we used this quote.

We teamed up with London based typographer James Drayson (the Quiet Press), who we met at Typography Summer School. James is specialized in letterpress and one of those guys that just can’t stop talking about it. He told us everything there is to know. That ultimately lead to this project.

The design of the poster literally came together on the printing table. Every print run requested an extended level of precision. While this is no strange aspect in the process of screen printing we took it to another level by printing 6 runs. Each run overlaps the previous one and because we used a highly transparent base the letter forms blend together in height and width. The outcome is something that can only be accomplished in analogue execution.

We still have some posters left. If you want to buy one, please contact us!